The Volunteer – WYD 2016 in Krakow, Poland.

A volunteer is a child of God who is sent to serve. It is worth following in His footsteps. I am convinced that being a WYD volunteer allowed me to gain an essential life experiences and taught me to love – giving of myself  as a gift to others, and chance to  personally experienced God’s love to me and the other volunteers/pilgrims I have met throughout the meeting.

God is love, and that is what we give when we serve others.

Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve You, Your People and the Pope.



I Met Another “Francis” Named Rey 

Pens that Praise!


There are a lot of inspirational quotes and messages around social media, but there is one constant morning quote by a certain YFF that’s been stealing the hearts of many. His messages bring comfort, encourages, and is full of wisdom and love. And hey, the author’s Filipino. Let’s call him Tito Rey.


It was shameful that my first question to Tito Rey via text messaging was, Meronpokayong FB? as if the only way to know a person today is to stalk their social media accounts. He doesn’t have an FB. They say he’s a very busy man. During our short chat, I shed a tear. It’s a gift. His kindness pierces through his words.


Tito Rey spends half of his day, every day, roaming around Rashid Hospital, talking to patients of any race and religion, giving…

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Love and Loss

Travelling LOVE Angel

Pain is part of life. It either breaks you or changes you to become someone better. In life, the latter will always be the best choice regardless of the situation. I have experienced loss but never as painful as what i had 3 days ago. I prefer to keep grief and sadness to myself as I know people have enough, yet during the most difficult weeks of my life it was the numerous blogs and letters I have read that brought the most comfort and i felt like I owe it to another to talk about my loss also.

After 4 years of married life, I have accepted that perhaps we will never have children. I however prayed for it every night.On one wonderful January morning, I learned I was pregnant. I was over the moon happy. I don’t think I have ever been that happy for a long time. It truly…

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A Little Reminder (To The Young)

Emphysema is an ugly thing

Fear not, just don’t start smoking

God gave you a healthy liver

Don’t let alcohol ruin it ever

The euphoria of drugs is exhilarating

The unfulfilled craving is excruciating

Don’t ever pamper that sweet tooth

Diabetes is hard to soothe

Sodas, salty, spicy foods

For your kidneys are not good

You can be slim but not skinny

By all means avoid gluttony

Worries about blackheads and pimples?

Keep your skin clean, it’s that simple

Plus fresh fruit and vegetable

And healthy food on the table

Learn to protect and save your eyes

They’ll stay, and not bid you goodbye

Protect your body as you are told

It’ll take care of you when you are old.

Murai Estiva – “Leave, Make a Difference and Live” (Everyday Hero)

Travelling LOVE Angel

Travelling feeds your eyes by unimaginable sights and awe-inspiring structures, it also feeds your stomach by palatable dishes that seem to comfort you at every bite. Travelling also feeds your mind, the painting, the books, all the historical stories. More importantly, however, travelling should feed your heart, it should send you goosebumps from head to toe, leave you breathless and inspired. Your travelling should be in such a way, that when you tell your stories the positive energy and the overwhelming happiness felt is transferred to the person you are speaking with.


I asked, more of forced a friend if I can blog about her IF she gets selected for World Youth Day which will happen in Poland on July 2016. The selection was rigorous with hundreds of applicants, different nationalities, different vision. I guess you know the result…

Meet Sheryl Murai Estiva, known to her friends as Murai. A girl who…

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Paradise on Earth.. Thank God for the wonderful experience.


After the Mission, I have the chance to glance the beautiful Seychelles. Thank God for given me the privilege.

I’ve always thought that calling a “Paradise on Earth” was just a little too hypey for me, at least until I visited the Seychelles.

Out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from Africa, Seychelles is where located.

Warm waters, high standards and friendly people Whichever way you turn, there is a lovely beach and upscale dining. And for honeymoons, the romance of the Seychelles has everything else in the world beat.

Seychelles is a nature lover’s dream, made up of both granitic and coral islands. The granite islands are the visible tips of mountain peaks.






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